Penn CLO Executive Doctoral Program

PennCLO is a multi-disciplinary doctoral program designed to meet the needs of formal, mid- to senior-level learning leaders such as chief learning officers, vice presidents of human resources and talent management, leadership development, and training directors in all industries. The program is also designed for other mid- to senior-level executives—leaders who see learning as their responsibility, whether they sit in the formal talent organization, on the line, or consult from outside the institution. The program provides a rigorous academic environment where executive students gain knowledge and build the skills necessary to ensure successful learning initiatives that will align with an organization’s strategy while also enabling individuals and companies to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

Developing an organization’s talent is a critical component of sustainable success in the knowledge economy, and the learning leader plays a vital role in guiding employee performance across the organization. Today, learning leaders reside in human resources, they sit in the C-suite, and they manage and run line functions in the business. Learning leaders develop and implement evidence-based practices that support formal and informal human capital development, leadership development, skills development, on-demand, just-in-time learning and longer term learning and development initiatives.

Application deadline is October 1, 2019 -
Technology Block: February 16 – 21, 2020 & March 22 – 27, 2020

Additional Application Deadlines: February 15, 2020 for entry into the Summer 2020 cohort
May 15, 2020 for entry into the Fall 2020 cohort
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