Penn CLO Executive Doctoral Program

This executive doctoral program is designed to prepare the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and other senior-level executives for success as learning and talent development leaders. The program provides a rigorous academic environment where members build the skills necessary to ensure successful learning initiatives that will align with the organization’s strategy.

In a knowledge economy, developing an organization’s talent is a critical component of its success. For those committed to human capital development within organizations it is imperative that evidence-based practice be infused into the creation and oversight of leadership development and training initiatives. The learning leader plays a vital role in guiding employee performance across the organization. The executive doctoral program is targeted for not only the Chief Learning Officer (CLO), vice president of human resources, and training directors of all industries, but to other senior-level executives who realize the magnitude of impact created by a well-developed work force. This distinctive program has a combined focus on business and learning theory, coupled with expanding your leadership capabilities to ensure the members of your organization are prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly demanding global marketplace.

Applications are being accepted now for the Fall 2018 COHORT.

The application deadline is July 1, 2018. Learn more about tuition & applications.