Snapshot of the CLO as Strategic Partner

ASTD and the University of Pennsylvania surveyed 92 learning executives from companies that ranged in size from $10 million to $200 billion in revenue. They had training budgets from $1 million to $100 million and between 100 and 50,000 employees. The survey found an increasingly strategic role for learning leaders:

To ensure that they are prepared with the appropriate skills for their role as CLO, these learning leaders are developing their skills and competencies through:

  • Building personal, team, and organizational capabilities in analytics
  • Participating in Communities of Practice (Conference Board and LearnShare)
  • Attending professional programs and conferences (ASTD, CLO, Training, Masie)
  • Following current research and literature (trade magazines, Corporate Leadership Council)
  • Greater exposure to company line operations, and site tours, interviews, and "face time" with customers

Learning leadership is more important than ever in a world of more volatile employment relationships. Between the 1950s and today, the average tenure of a Fortune 500 executive dropped from 24 years to less than three years. With more outsourcing and contract work, "make versus buy" decisions are more complex. And competitive pressures create new demands to justify investments in learning.