Who Should Apply

There is a need for learning leaders in formal roles as well as on the line in business, government, and not-for-profits across all industries. For this reason, PennCLO seeks to admit students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Students in the University of Pennsylvania PennCLO Program will receive the most rigorous preparation for serving business organizations, healthcare institutions, government agencies, universities, foundations, and other major institutions. 

If you are currently a leader in your organization—whether your title is chief learning officer, vice president of human resources, training director, or manager—this program will help you gain the expertise needed to develop a culture of learning within your organization. The program is also appropriate for senior-level professionals who aspire to join the learning organization, leaders in other functions, line leaders who see their role as leading workforce learning in their divisions, and consultants who support leaders and managers across a variety of sectors.

Why a Doctoral Degree is Important to Learning Leaders 

Pursuing a doctoral degree is a very important and very personal decision, especially when one has an established and successful career. Most people choose to pursue the PennCLO Ed.D. degree because they are passionate about making work more fulfilling and learning more available to everyone. They see themselves as change agents, and they care a great deal about some of our world’s biggest challenges. They believe that they can help to address these challenges within their organizations and in their communities, and that a rigorous, practitioner-oriented doctoral program will prepare them to be successful in bringing about important changes—at work and beyond.

The PennCLO Ed.D. prepares students to approach life and work with a commitment to evidence-based decision making and responsible use of knowledge. The program provides knowledge, skills, and tools that support individual career advancement and broader contributions, while students seek to achieve that very personal dream of obtaining a doctoral degree.