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Wharton on Learning Leadership

As companies grow, their talent needs to develop with them. But creating an environment that both inspires and educates employees depends on much more than imported training programs and seminars.
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Hear From our Board and Students

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Resources from Faculty

Stanton Wortham
Interview with Elliott Masie at Learning 2009, November 10th
Learning 2007 Keynote

Resources from Board Members

An interview with Nigel Paine at Learning 2009, November 9th, with Elliott Maise
"Learning Leadership"
"Changing Careers & Global Learning"

Nick van Dam
An Interview with Nick van Dam, eLearning for Kids & Deloitte, with Elliott Masie, at Learning 2009

Tony Bingham
Learning 2007 Interview

Resources from Students

Sabrina Kay 
An interview with Sabrina Kay, Fremont College, with Elliott Masie at Learning 2009

Raj Ramachandran
An interview with Raj Ramachandran at Learning 2009, November 11th, by Elliott Masie