About Us

Home to GSE, the University of Pennsylvania is the oldest university in the United States, a member of the Ivy League, and one of the world's finest institutions of higher learning. The university consistently ranks among the top ten in the nation in the US News & World Report survey, while GSE is rated among the leading schools in its respective field. Penn's rich tradition of scholarship and its eminent faculty, as well as the school's vast libraries, laboratories, and other academic resources, attract students of diverse interest and backgrounds from all over the nation and across the globe. Its 12 graduate and professional schools are located on Penn's 262-acre campus in West Philadelphia. Their proximity makes it easier for students to take courses in more than one of the university's colleges. The Penn Compact is a commitment to interdisciplinary education. Since workplace learning officers must be able to deliver training for a wide range of enterprises, the breadth and caliber of education at Penn are particularly rich resources for GSE students, as are the career counseling facilities and networking opportunities that the university provides.

About the Penn Graduate School of Education

The University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education is one of three Ivy League graduate schools of education. Its alumni include pathfinding teachers, heads of school boards, leading advocates for public education, scholars, school counselors, CLOs, and heads of government agencies. A pioneer in instructional theory, assessment, psychology of learning, and classroom training, GSE is distinguished by its "inquiry" approach, which motivates and prepares students to think like educators. The Inquiry Stance obliges teachers to continuously re-evaluate their classroom practices and professional perspectives in order to satisfy pupils' needs more thoroughly. Support for students includes access to case histories, classroom oversight, and courses to meet the special needs of new teachers. Among the several research institutes affiliated with GSE are the Consortium for Policy Research in Education, the Literacy Research Center, and the Center for Research and Evaluation in Social Policy. The university's library system contains 5,500 volumes on education, one of the largest such collections.